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The cause and effects of Wikileaks

Today, media varieties such as magazines, TV plus the Internet perform an essential role inside the society. They are the main method to obtain information pertaining to the general public. We are able to have access to the newest news anytime, anywhere by a variety of strategies. But is that a things to celebrate to get? Let's ask ourselves a few questions: How come Wikileaks need to exist if a lot of nations in the world are advocating the concept of " liberty of speech" and " the legal rights to access to public records"? And why is it that the owner of Wikileaks is being sought after for creating information which should be available for the public. Recently UNITED STATES just announced that the US Armed service Classifies Wikileaks As " Enemy From the United States" 1 . Could it be because Assange exposed the ugly fact about the war in Irag? As far since I'm worried, there are only a few people that have recently been classified as " Opponent Of The Combined States". Also, isn't this sad that you will be ban from one country since you have subjected their is placed. Come to consider it, Not just the US, although other countries are afraid that their grouped information will be released as well. As soon as the gossip that more data would be unveiled arose, afeitado charges, molestation investigation and other accuses against the founder of Wikileaks appeared2. It does cause you to wonder for what reason all of them did not happen ahead of the incident. Light beer some sort of dirty tricks in order to close Assange down? Has contemporary society become thus degraded we only set criminals in prison whenever they do something bad for us? Will there be anything else that is covered up by governments? The Irag War broadened for almost 8 years, who knows what had occurred during that span of time? The images by Wikileaks were consumed 2007, and this was a single skirmishes. In accordance to statistics, there were a lot more than four hundreds us military died plus more...

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