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1 . Because that they never retained detailed products on hand the company is definitely losing period when they ought to decide what items ought to be reorder. Also inventory could be excess or perhaps lack. They also never held sales data so they cannot use sales data coming from last year to predict variety that needs to be reorder for approaching year. The business should employ information system that will record detailed inventory and product sales records which usually would help them to run business more effectively. Program should catch amount of products that are in stock, and record revenue data. This would definitely increase ordering method, only necessary items will be reorder, and save money. Portion 2


Persons: Employees used to working together and conducting business in more classic ways need an incentive to work with social application. Most companies are generally not providing that incentive: just 22 percent of interpersonal software users believe the technology to become necessary to their very own jobs. Business: Companies that have tried to deploy internal social support systems have identified that staff are used to doing business in a particular way and overcoming the organizational inertia can prove hard. Collaborative business office culture usually finds that a majority of employees still prefer to use e-mail. Likewise employees might feel too time-pressed to understand a new software tool. Technology: a majority of business technology professionals consider their own internal social networks to be merely common or substandard. Also articles of the systems needs to be relevant, up-to-date, and easy to access; users need to be able to connect to some people that have the information they need and that might otherwise end up being out of reach or perhaps difficult to reach. 2-15

CSC have been successful in implementing internal social network as the company provides a higher percentage of knowledge staff than many; also really allowing users to form groups on their own. Group presidents and other executives can also be blogging with social equipment. The company presents a...


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