Three Days to view

This brief story relates to how persons take advantage

of having the privileges to see, hear, and speak. Several

people, unfortunately, happen to be blind, hard of hearing, and mute. These

unfortunate persons take more hours to appreciate lifestyle and

the magic it has to offer. The author, Helen Keller, is

one such one who is impaired, deaf, and mute. The girl believes

strongly that folks, who are fortunate to acquire such sensory faculties,

consider life without any consideration. She also feels strongly in living

life for the fullest, meaning, accomplish the things you can today

rather than leaving this for down the road.

An example through the story of how people have life to get

awarded is the moment one says, " I understand that I is going to die one day,

nonetheless it will not happen for a long time. " This is when

reality attacks. Death is available in many ways, the worst can be

in the next unsuspected and surprising. One can possibly die at any

second, no matter how healthful or in what physical shape this individual

is within. Building about that thought, Helen came across many

instances associated with the previous a single mentioned. The girl had

asked her friend what she had seen after taking a walk

through the woods, and her friend replied, " Nothing in

particular. " This is also a perfect sort of how persons

with all the gift and ability to discover, take it for granted.

As stated before, Sue also supported living life to

the fullest. She believed in acquiring risks, and exploring

new areas and wonders, for one would not know the moment his life

can end. A great phrase on her would be " Carpe Diam",

meaning seize the day. She says how persons, since they

are in great well being, believe that death will arrive to them

slowly. Problem that arouses them when the end comes

is definitely, " Performed I accomplish everything I can in my life upon

the planet? "



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