Many times in stories, authors will use the setting to set the stage to get the story. The setting is much like the foundation in the story, minus one the storyline seems simply lost. Quite often the establishing will build up the storyplot and affect the characters, as well as the characters actions. Against the foundation of a Holocaust concentration camp, Ozick generates two static characters in whose lack of creation throughout the account emphasizes the theme of frustrating hopelessness.

Inside the Shawl Rosado, her newborn daughter Magda, and her fourteen year old companion Stella artois lager are Jews interned in a concentration camp during Ww ii. Amazingly the infant Magda provides survived with her mom, hidden and protected in a shawl. If the Nazis ever learn of her existence she is particular to be wiped out. The Placing of this tale sets you up for a tragic story. Just by knowing the story takes place within a concentration camp, the reader quickly feels misery, woe, anguish for these 3 characters. The storyline starts off while using 3 characters walking down a dirt route. The story is written in 3rd person limited, so you can only enter the personas thoughts by certain times. You may tell simply by Rosa's thoughts of going out of Magda on the street for someone to look for, that she actually is very negative and not pondering very evidently. The story tells about Magda's attachment towards the shawl, and how it assists in easing her and share her peacefulness. Throughout the walk down the road, the thing is that both Rosa and Stella are envious of Magda's relationship with the scarf, and they are all at times think about about taking the shawl on their own. Throughout the walk the two old women receive paranoid in this way and both are jealous of Magda. They will see how tranquil Magda is to use the shawl, and it is killing both of them inside. During the entire story, these thoughts and emotions are getting through equally Rosa and Stella's head. Later inside the story, Stella artois lager steals the shawl away from Magda. Magda now begins to behave unusual like...


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