Gerald Keegan's Famine Journal

Written by:

James M Managan

The Irish Starvation was a very important event that happened in 1847. It had killed among 500, 000 and 1 ) 5 mil people (The Irish Spud famine, 1847). The potato was not a native plants to Ireland in europe, until about 1570 in order to was helped bring over from The Americas. At the start, the spud seemed like it was the ideal harvest for reasons such as that grew properly in the Irish climate, it had been easy to expand, and this did not consider up much space. By 1840, 1/4 of Ireland's population was dependent on the potato. Then simply, in 1845, came the potato blight (The Irish Potato Starvation, 1847). This caused 3/4 of the crop to perish out. Hunger along with disease brought on the fatalities of between 500, 1000 to 1. 5 million people. Also, a million people fled the country. Lots of the people involved in the Famine had good thinking and had been always considering helping each other, instead of just helping themselves.

Famine Journal: Journey to a New World, written by James T Mangen, was based from Gerald Keegan's journal known as Summer of Sorrow. Gerald Keegan crossed the Atlantic Ocean coming from County Epoca, Ireland to Grosse Ile, Quebec, Canada. In this time nevertheless, Quebec would still be a part of England. Gerald Keegan went through many obstacles in his journey to Quebec.

A lot of the people's attitudes involved in the Irish Famine had been very positive. A lot of them gave what very little they had in front of large audiences who required it a lot more. It is quite amazing how even if these people were going through tough times, they were able to still think of others. They'd so much nature and wished to help all others as much as they could. Even though the book did not say very much about the coffin delivers, these householder's lives on the boats were very miserable, and all of these people continuing to stay extremely brave. There was a lot of disease and illness dispersing quickly through out the boats. Many delivers departed coming from Ireland in...

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