The fly can be described as short account written by Katherine Mansfield. The protagnist on this story may be the boss who kills a petty travel in order to take out his personal disappointment and pain about his only son's death for war. The boss can be both a self bienfaisant boss as well as a bereaved dad. Firstly the boss is a bevered dad. He loves his only son implicibaly and are not able to come in conditions with his fatality. He is so taken aback simply by his daughters death that he will not even need to remember that or think about it. This can be said so as when ever Mr. Woodiefield brings up the topic of his children visiting the Boss's son's grave, the boss gets every stoic and stern. Therefore , the supervisor is a bereaved fsther. Also, we get to know in the history that even after 6 years of his son's loss of life, the manager had not went to his boy's grave. This may be because the employer loved and cared for his son a lot and took such good care of him that he could not carry to see his son in a grave. He'd probably break down when he sees his boy's grave. In addition, when the supervisor sees and examines his son's photo, we are informed that that is not how this individual remembers his son. This can be because the employer loves his son a great deal and his picture of his son is that of being happy and cheerful and for that reason, he are unable to picture his son with this lifeless approach. Also were told inside the story which the boss had many desires on his boy and wished to pass on his business to him and once his child died so unexpestedly at war the boss is very anguished and shattered. This kind of also shows that he's a tribulant father. These types of reasons offered, it can be said that the employer is a bereaved father. However , it is also authentic that he is a merciless and home indulgent employer who cares tiny for others. The initially example of this can be his treatment to Mister. Woodiefield. First of all he show's off his riches and luxuries to Woodiefield the sentence in the text " …he loved to have that admirred, specifically by outdated Woodifield” says it all. He's so home indulgent that he attempts...



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