Tato Nano is a world's most affordable car yet due to that fact as well as the fact that that failed to advertise the real benefits of the car it had to face solid difficulties. While the company is really acting within a special second with very little rivals and thus no competition in that selling price sector very low realistic possibility to become successful. But it should develop a fresh Marketing strategy in order to change people's perception and point out the real benefits of the car. In the next we are planning to provide such a strategy in order to help Tato Nano to increase their business and to achieve success.


The Tato Nano car actually offers a wide range of benefits for its consumers. On the one hand the purchase price is the strongest rewards as the automobile is also affordable for people from the lower and middle class. On the other hand the very fact that it is the lowest priced car in the world has triggered some problems due to not really drawing attention to the other benefits and the quality in the car. Tato Nano hasn't only an affordable price; no it is also of good quality. It could tackle the worst streets for example. We now have done several test together with the car which in turn point out the favorable quality as well as the resistance to weighty roads. Individuals tests we want demonstrate in a roadshow in order to convince the customers that Tato Nano is the most affordable but definitely not the worst car. Moreover, the operating costs because of it are very low and it is earth-friendly and therefore great for the environment with little exhausts. Another great advantage is that it is definitely compact. It has a tight turning circle, and with this car it is possible to find a parking lot and to area into a small place. So that it can be considered being a perfect city car. Even though the car is incredibly compact it provides more space inside than other vehicles of that size which is an additional benefit for customers. Furthermore, that unique car can be seen as a technological innovation and trend as it uses the latest...


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