Survivors of conflict are forever molded by their encounters 1 . Molded through desensitisation or hypersensitisation. • PTSD (HS) – Soldiers in war – endure incredible hardship, get back home to unrelated, normal your life yet are unable to move past their very own experiences. • Steven Sotloff – Beheaded by ISIS - " paying the price" for U. S. armed service intervention. As a Western culture, our a reaction to this beheading is significant, one of fear and anger. It is throughout the world news and everything know about this. In contrast, these in Syria enduring the war and conflict experience these kinds of overview executions on a regular basis, and have desensitised to the stage that an popularity of both the war which violence offers occurred, making change in their particular perception exactly where they perspective their globe and society in a different way because of the discord around them. (Survivors become desensitised) 2 . The perception a person has of the conflict, chooses whether it shapes their particular experiences. • *Survivors

three or more. In some cases (i. e. small conflicts), people are not designed by their experience. • Url to Quiet American – Phuong will carry on with her life no matter the outcome of the conflict between Pyle and Fowler. Phuong is an allegory to get Vietnam all together, and just because Vietnam could continue to exist without the influence in the western power, Phoung also could continue with her life also after Pyle's death (as seen when ever she dates back to Fowler). The conflict does not ‘shape' her your life, it just somewhat alters the course of it, had the conflict not occurred she'd still proceed with her life in much the same method.


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