ENG 112, 4141

seventeen September 2013

The Irrelevancy of Gender in Marital life

Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal is a paper written by Jones B. Stoddard, an business director of the gay privileges organization called the Lambda Legal Protection and Education Fund. In the aforementioned content, he shateringly illustrates the injustices and imbalance from the typical " traditional marriage” and its influence on average, dedicated homosexual lovers. More than just condition his view on matrimony between homosexuals, he stresses the injustice by accentuating real world circumstances. Not only does Stoddard denote the negative effects upon loving gay and lesbian couples, this individual illuminates the idea of gay matrimony as some thing beneficial not only to gay partners, but contemporary society as a whole (722).

Thomas Stoddard begins this article by talking about the tragic case of Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski, two homosexual Minnesota women and the outcomes of classic marriage during the aftermath of Ms. Kowalski's life debilitating automobile accident. Although Ms. Kowalski and Ms. Thompson exchanged vows and exchanged bands, they were hardly ever recognized by the state as a the wife and hubby. When Ms. Kowalski was struck with a drunk rider in The fall of of 1983, her parents opposed Thompson's appeal to seek sole guardianship over her life partner. The courts, furthermore to question her guardianship, passed that to her parents and allowed them to move the encumbered Kowalski into a nursing house three-hundred mls away and prohibited any visits between the two (Stoddard 721).

Inside the subsequent sentences, the author elaborates on the function of marital life in the point out and in world. He reephasizes that " Marriage, the Supreme The courtroom declared in 1967, is usually ‘one in the basic detrimental rights of men' (and, presumably of woman since well). The freedom to marry, said the Court, can be " necessary to the orderly pursuit of happiness” (Stoddard 722). The choice if to get married to belongs purely to each specific person....

Cited: Stoddard, Jones. " Homosexual Marriages: Get them to Legal. ” Barnet, Sylvan, and Hugo Bedau.

Current Problems and Enduring Questions. ninth ed. Boston: 2011. internet pages 721-722. Print.


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