Marissa Daniels

Ms. Chesman

English 3

02 Nov 2012


The forbidance of public smoking should be taken into consideration. It is a danger to society with out one should end up being permitted to smoke in public areas. Not only does secondhand smoke risk the lives of others, but firsthand smoke can cause problems to get the person and give these people a bad graphic. The smell of smoke cigars is horrible and supports to apparel. Public cigarette smoking is needless and should not really be acknowledged into areas.

With that being said, if someone is smoking cigarettes and other folks are near, then this second hand smoke can increase the likelihood of others receiving lung tumor. The polluted air in smoking sections, at distinct restaurants for instance , carries to the non-smoking section often. About 126 million people are exposed to the drifting of secondhand smoke cigars in the air annually. Smoking can cause allergic reactions; it also increases the likelihood of people with asthma to have an asthma attack. Besides public smoking cigarettes harm others, it also harms the one smoking.

With this in mind, smoking nearly anything can cause lung cancer, brain damage, long term diseases, and many other problems. Open public smoking provides smokers a bad image too. It reveals they have no self respect, nor admiration for the others surrounding all of them. They need to consider the dangers that they can embed unto others. The end results may be a difficult burden to remove or remove.

Previously stated, the horrid smell of smoke cigars is a perfect sort of a hard burden. It has it tends to squeeze to clothing or various other items. If someone would be to smoke about other people, the smell could attach to the passerby, unwontedly. The smoking smell also causes visitors to be unapproachable. Imagining someone with that pudgy smell is unbearable.

In closing, public smoking should not be allowed into neighborhoods. The horrid smell, the hazards, and the smoking cigarettes itself aren't worth shedding an blameless life. Cigarette smokers lose 13 to 14 years...


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