Police Influence about Society

Joann Torres


University of Phoenix


In this newspaper I will talk about and illustrate how the famous development of policing in the United States pertains to the current romance between law enforcement officials and different ethnic groups and social classes. I will include in my dialogue examples from law enforcement procedures, and courtroom procedures. Inside my paper I will briefly speak about civil rights movement and will include a lot of example from your 1960's, speak about policing in the 1960's, and how much they have changed. Let me also feel upon current news and the relationship among police officers at this point, and the romantic relationship between several ethnic organizations and the law enforcement officials. With this kind of paper I hope to note several positive differences with the law enforcement officials and cultural classes too.

Law enforcement officials have been an influence in our contemporary society since the 1920s. Riots and protests against racial injustices brought authorities attention to sources of racial elegance and anxiety, including the law enforcement during the sixties civil rights movement. В During the era of the city rights movements there were not many positive relationships with the African American Communities. Hispanics were frequently underrepresented, and treated incredibly unfairly due to gender, race and cultural backgrounds. The authorities were forced to change when the pressure plus the spotlight was put on law enforcement officers in the 1960s. The current relationship with law enforcement officers and culture has not been the most positive. There are quite a few situations that have set police all over the news, especially since it has been instances of law enforcement using too much force, becoming accused of racism against African Us citizens, using extreme or unnecessary force. Inside our present period that we stay in it is very easy to take out cellular phone and start saving when you see a predicament arise with police officers. Lately it seems while law enforcement is being accused increasingly more of racism, and inequality. Cases that have been on the spotlight between the multimedia and police have been The Michael Dark brown case, Treyvon Martin case, Tamir Rice, and Joshua Garner. There were quite a few protests and promotions for #BlackLivesMatter. When it comes to police and different cultural classes' police do treat people in another way. For example a police officer may have hunch on a person who does not may actually have cash, than a person who is very well dressed and groomed. A police officer might keep a better eye as well as the security would in the store. School status will matter to law enforcement when determining that is more likely to commit a crime. I find myself it is a sort of a set up when law enforcement officers go to neighborhoods that are poor and set up bait to catch the people who are desperate for funds. They catch the drug dealers advertising drugs, prostitutes, and people who have probably robbed consumer electronics. Just like inside the shows wherever police officers keep a running car with all the keys in it within an area that is certainly in lower income. I feel similar to television shows that they never start a bait car in the suburban areas, or perhaps try to find medication dealers and so forth Police and different ethnic groups may encounter miscommunication issues due to dialect barriers. Several ethnic groupings may be scared of police officers because of legal status. Other ethnic groups could possibly be intimated of police because of past situations like terrorist attacks.


I hope there comes a day where police and the society will get along. Inside our current technology it is so quickly for police to get a negative reputation when ever everything is very instantly connected to the internet. I find myself like law enforcement has been getting a lot of unfavorable attention by people, and the media. It is fueling this kind of discrimination against law enforcement. While not everyone is ideal and some cops do abuse their power we being a...

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