Money Can Buy Joy: The Question of preference in Dreiser's " The Second Choice”

The usa in the late nineteenth and early on twentieth century was having a drastic change. A battle between the states had just concluded, enslaved people were granted liberty, immigrants coming from all over the world flocked to the nation, and a bitter separate between rich and poor was beginning form. The literature followed the same trajectory of the country and, along with most books, became a mirror of the events across sexuality, race, and class. Many telling information about the newest construct of country post-Civil War could be found within these works.

One insight regarding the United States concerned the relationship among women and decision. During this fresh chapter of American history, girls were making their voices known. Freelance writers like Margaret Fuller, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman were probably the most prominent feminine writers during this period and were large members to this fresh wave of literature. They will blended womanly perspective which has a form of literary works that started to be extremely popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century: Realism. Feminine realistic look was thus marketable that even male authors made such writings. One such male author was Theodore Dreiser with his short story " The Second Choice. ” Much can be inferred from this account, but mainly that while you can get women's joy and the independence to choose, the case mobility and choice is anything only available to rich, white men.

The title of the work may give various readers the implication that Shirley, the protagonist, finally resigns to her fate and chooses Bart, her second choice for the mate. Although that is a extremely valid model, it certainly isn't the only one. One browsing into the name could claim that Shirley is a second choice. Consider the opening internet pages of the account, which is Arthur's, Shirley's like, letter to Shirley. Whilst Shirley is restricted to...


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