Outstanding Theories plus the Relevance to Modern Warfare and Strategy

October 31, 2010

Clausewitz have been referred to by many as a true visionary when it comes to strategy and warfare. One among Clausewitz's desired goals was to produce some sort of sound theory that would not merely be tightly related to the current time period, but will also be a source of reference point for years to come. Although Clausewitz's been successful in offering an overarching concept of combat and approach, many feel that his way of doing something is no longer as relevant in regards to current engagements as they have in past times.

Clausewitz got this concept of the " dual mother nature of war”. Clausewitz felt the two key elements of war were absolute war and limited conflict. These two ideas could also be compared to total and real war respectively. Absolute war was considered to be the limitless sort of war through which there was no external affect. War was " a great act of force, and there is no reasonable limit for the application of that force. ”1 Clausewitz concluded that if there have been no constraints between two battling adversaries, the adversaries would always attempt to conquer the issue by adding a growing number of force. Sooner or later the two could reach a place where hate for one one more would increase to such an extent that they can would drop the initial focus of why these were fighting to begin with. The outcome would be the complete elimination of one in the opposing forces thus resulting in absolute or perhaps total warfare. Clausewitz felt that it was extremely tough to actually reach that point. Clausewitz felt that there were frequent " imponderables” that would function as limiting factors that would keep wars by escalating to such an magnitude. These battles were regarded as being limited battles. To further illustrate on these kinds of limitations, Clausewitz went detailed on how politics played a role in how the military was used. Clausewitz mentioned that " war is just the extension of insurance plan by additional means. ”2...


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