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" Tethered” simply by Trisha Suhr, published in 2013 Sounds Literary and Visual Arts Magazine Volume 36. The moment initially reading this written work it can be easily assumed that this is simply a composition about planning to travel as you may please. Crafted in a first person point of view, mcdougal takes the reader through a number of emotional altitudes and lows while speaking of the need to walk down " the road. ” Suhr seems to be setting a tone of being trapped and regretting a possibility not considered.

This research will be checking out why " the road” symbolizes flexibility and really want to traveling this road leaves one feeling trapped without hope for avoid. Suhr quickly sets the theme of her work in your condition when ever in the initially stanza your woman writes: " the road. It stirs my blood, cell phone calls to me mainly because it has a lot of before. ” The poem begins with the idea that while humans all of us seem to often be in need of escapades and fresh questions to solution, which is obviously evident when ever again inside the first stanza those that were called before are termed as " The explorers. The adventurers. The restless wanderers”, all travelers on the road. Nevertheless why does the street cause such a stir in these " restless wanderers” blood? The road seems to be emblematic of flexibility and escape. The idea that there exists an option the continue traveling or stop at any given moment. To be able to generate a right or maybe a left on a new route as the urge to do so has existence. The decision is completely inside the hands from the traveler.

Inside the second stanza there is an obvious nod towards the human ought to ask questions plus the urge to go and search for the answers to those concerns. " My eyes stray for the horizon. My thoughts sharpens with curiosity, wanting to know what lies beyond” this kind of statement will not really leave much place for multiple interpretations. Anyone sees a distant place that they have not been to and this sparks the necessity to go and explore. How come there a need to answer? Why is our curiosity so special to us? This...


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