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By Walt S. Mossberg (Wall Street Journal Europe)

In matters of diplomacy, the U. H. is the planet's sole superpower, wielding more influence than any other nation. But that is nothing in comparison with the American influence online. On the Internet's World Wide Web, America rules - and so does the English terminology. While statistics are difficult to find, it seems crystal clear that most from the content of the Web today is from your U. H. When you include the Web content provided by other English-speaking countries, the dominance of British is overpowering. Even most of the Web sites posted in non-English-speaking lands are in English. Actually, the Web by itself was made in Swiss (though the net was a U. S. innovation). But there are plenty of more people with computers in the united states, and many more of these machines will be linked to the Net than are computers somewhere else. As of today, if you read English language, you miss nearly anything on the Web. Phrases for the Wise

Technology is trying to the rescue of many non-English-speaking people. A brand new software item for Home windows called World wide web Translator, from Globalink Inc. of Fairfax, Virginia, claims to quickly translate English-language Web pages in French, The spanish language or The german language. You just select a button marked В«translateВ» and Web Ubersetzungsprogramm grabs the page from your Netscape Navigator Web browser, renders it in one of the three dialects in less than one minute and displays the translation in Navigator, with all design and backlinks intact. Internet Translator likewise works in reverse. Following the same process, it will require a Web site that's in French, The spanish language or A language like german, and turn this into English. That will help English speakers catch up with the quick-progress number of Sites in these tongues. Globalink's product is essentially different from similar-sounding Web application, such as Feature Software's recognized Internet With an Highlight program. These programs only let...


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