In the killing of Ikemefuna, many aspects of Okonkwo's character is definitely exposed. My spouse and i realised that despite Okonkwo's tough outside, he is incredibly insecure, regularly worried about peoples' perception of him. Also, through this kind of, we see the softer side of Ok, which is his concern pertaining to Ikemefuna, a sense which he constantly attempts to suppress. Finally, Okonkwo's obduracy, pigheadedness and his unquestioning loyalty towards the tribe is additionally surfaced. First of all, the eliminating of Ikemefuna reveals that Okonkwo is an unconfident individual. The moment Ogbuefi Ezeudu visited Okonkwo with information that the " Umuofia provides decided to eliminate (Ikemefuna)”, this individual specifically encouraged Okonkwo to " not bear a hand in his death”. Nevertheless , because Okonkwo was afraid of " getting thought of as weak”, he killed Ikemefuna. In my opinion, this was likely done away of dread that if he did not do so, he'd be thought of as " effeminate” and therefore was required to kill Ikemefuna in order to show his masculinity. This leads me in conclusion that Okonkwo is very concerned about how people in the family perceived him so he constantly tries to be manly by certainly not showing any signs of weaknesses. Next, this reveals Okonkwo's softer area, which is his concern pertaining to his kids. After obtaining news of the tribe's decision to get rid of Ikemefuna, Okonkwo " lay still for the very long time” thus exposing his interior conflict in deciding whether to get rid of Ikemefuna. On one hand he cares too much to get Ikemefuna to kill him, but on the other, does not desire to be looked upon because weak. In addition , after Ikemefuna's death, it had been apparent that Okonkwo was deeply damaged as he " did not taste any foodstuff for two days” and " did not sleep at night”, thinking of Ikemefuna. To me, therefore , this illustrates that Okonkwo has a girly side to him, and i also feel that he in fact cares a lot to get his kids, and was very accountable for getting rid of Ikemefuna, the surrogate son whom he previously previously produced " very fond of”. Furthermore, this event reveals Okonkwo's stubborn character....


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