Inuit religious beliefs has been around to get as long as there are Inuit. The Inuit religion is different then it was a thousand years ago. One thousand years ago the Inuit religion was quite simply referred to as heathenism. Animism is a belief that everything provides a soul, like the animals (Watson, Bratton, no date). The Inuit religion of the earlier was dedicated to myths, traditions and beliefs. The Inuit religion these days has changed from worshiping and praying to several spiritual Gods to worshiping only God the Father in Heaven. The change in all their beliefs began long before they ever put eyes within the white person (R. Carleton, personal conversation, 1-26-07). The Inuit House of worship service that this author feels that the Inuit have a true sense from the word faith. They value the area and all that is certainly on the land. They are thankful for each and everything The almighty has presented us. They earn a person feel like all their religion is the way it was meant to be. The conventional Culture and Religion

The Inuit of a 1, 000 years ago depended on their shaman for advice before making several decisions. The shaman was obviously a respected member of the community and was generally a man. The shaman was believed to possess magical forces, be able to cure sickness, tell the future, get lost objects and most importantly it was presumed they could talk to the spirits. Shamans were at times feared mainly because they may be nasty. Shamans supported the highly effective spirits, including Sedna who was the Goodness of the ocean beast. Disregarding Sednas' rules would bring bad luck. This can result in the insufficient sea pets or animals being trapped. If this happened, the shaman would need to go down to Sednas' ocean residence and calm her simply by untangling her hair and releasing the animals which were caught right now there. It was assumed that when Sedna was irritated the pets or animals became twisted in her hair (Inuit Mythology, 2002). The seekers believed that if they were doing not pray before, during and after a hunt, in that case their subsequent hunt would be bad. Predators respected the spirit of each and every animal that was slain.

Prior to butchering a seal, the hunter will offer the useless animal a glass or two of normal water. If this did not include done by the hunters it absolutely was believed that their families may have bad luck. The hunters thought that the heart that reigned over over the pets would reprimand them for not giving nice the family pets (Inuit Mythology, 2002). The Inuit individuals are a very spiritual tribe. That may be one thing that no matter whom the Inuit worship, the Inuit keep an extremely strong spiritual faith. If they believed in the many spirits and Gods these people were devote in their faith. Now that most all Inuit people are Christians they are very secure in this hope (R. Carleton, personal connection, 1-26-07). While many articles business lead people to believe that it was the missionaries that encouraged and made the religious change happen among the Inuit people, within an interview a few weeks ago, an Inuit woman spoke of it developing in a different way. Religious Service

There are standard Inuit Spiritual services placed at Sagaz Baffin, the industry medical boarding house in Ottawa, will be for Inuit people. The skills are held in the television area of this medical boarding residence. There is a couch in the room and many chairs are brought in to allow everyone, who have wishes to get present as of this service. This specific night there have been approximately twenty-five people present. The feeling in the room is among that I never felt just before. It is a feeling that people might feel in a community, where they all discuss at least one thing in common. These people have got much more than one thing in accordance. There is admiration shown for everybody there. Any newcomer would be greeted with at the very least a nod and a smile. Those attending the service emit a feeling of staying welcomed. The service is all in Inuktitut except for when Minister Kemudian Woods speaks and is converted by Reepa Evic-Carleton, who may be an Inuit woman originally from the charite of Nunavut....

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