As long as I could remember, music has always been a powerful influence around me. Similar to any other type of art, hip hop evolves personal struggles… from our guard civil privileges to our approval into society. The pioneers of this movement have focused, encouraged, and empowered my own people with the positive messages conveyed through lyrics. Critics of the movement believe this type of music affects modern-day already troubled youth which some rappers tends to deliver violent images and to depict women as sexual items. I highly believe that hiphop should be only recognized so that it is, an art nothing even more nothing less. Furthermore, we all as persons must keep open up minds and realize that many artists of the past were ridiculed because of their art. We have now consider many of these people visionaries and their performs, masterpieces. When my dad asked me so why I listen to such a polluted music and I told him probably the same purpose you observe action films. What good is art if it aren't take one to a place that you just haven't been? In an content written by G. L. Wodlu, he identified hip hop since " a term used for urban-based imagination and expression of tradition. ” Therefore hip hop is a unique blend of music and frame of mind. This frame of mind is usually confident, reflecting not merely the feelings and beliefs of this generation but also a story-like expression regarding inner-city living experiences within some African-American communities. In addition , it is a tone in the community that glamorizes some negative activities and the outcomes that get along with these activities. If one listens to rap, a single acquires an exact description of the experiences and realities of today's youth. Critics of hip hop should seek out the direct and indirect communications about the advantages of social courses in inner-city communities. Sociable injustice features contributed to self genocide, joblessness, police nuisance, and offense. And Russell Simmons stated it best in an interview with...


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