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Lush green grasses that flourish making use of the water from a winding river take a seat in the middle of a colourful valley.  It is a amazing sanctuary exactly where people come to visit and take in almost all it has to offer.  A valley that may never be viewed for the valley at this point sits under a reservoir.  The image of a church below water is an effective way to persuade virtually any audience that the damn created to flood Hetch Hetchy area ruined certainly one of nature's amazing sanctuaries. Hetch Hetchy might have been one of the world's natural amazing things.  There was a strong waterfall that poured in a calm water which meandered through the tall grassy areas.  The tall conifer and maple trees that outlined the valleys advantage were centered by the huge rock surfaces.  Horses could be seen roaming totally free.  It was home to a lot of animals.  Before the dam was developed a beautiful cathedral once was generally there.  Steve Muir explained " Dam Hetch Hetchy! As well atteinte for water-tanks the people's cathedrals and churches, pertaining to no holier temple features ever been consecrated by the center of man" (" Hetch hetchy a period to get a historic mistake”) A valley known as Hetch Hetchy now is located under about four hundred feet of normal water. Hetch Hetchy was a pit in Yosemite Nation Recreation area that started to be one of the biggest topics for a great environmental concerns debate.  Around the 1880's, the city of San Francisco regarded Hetch Hetchy valley like a place to create a reservoir.  Yosemite started to be an enact national area in 90 while the Serrania Club was created in 1892 to combat San Francisco's Mayor Adam Phelan who filed for water rights to build a dam later, in 1901, (" New York Times 1913 Editorials Rival Damming of Hetch Hetchy" ).  Mayor Phelan request received denied in the following years, but contended that a water tank would simply complement the parks magnificence.  The earthquakes and fires that happened in San Francisco on 1906 supported the Mayor's proposal to build the atteinte.  His plans had been approved on 1913 and one hundred , 000, 000 dollars and 67 lives...

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