1 ) How Health insurance and Safety guidelines is implemented in the workplace ( Learning Result 1) 2 . The ways in which health and basic safety requirements impact on customers plus the work of practitioners, staff, visitors and clients in the health and social care work environment (Learning Result 2) a few. The monitoring and overview of health and protection policies inside the health and cultural care work environment (Learning Final result 3) ACTIVITY ONE– Well being & Security Policy Manual, Risk Evaluation and Organogram

a) Develop an H& S Policy Manual which usually demonstrates your understanding and understanding of how health insurance and safety laws is executed in a into the social proper care workplace. The Policy Manual should show an outline of the health and security systems, policies and methods which are conveyed in a health insurance and social care workplace. A template is usually provided for one to complete. b) Conduct a Risk Examination on an business of your choice in a health and interpersonal care environment, outlining the key health and basic safety hazards you should encounter and how you deal with them to safeguarded the workplace. A template is definitely provided for you to complete. c) Provide an organogram of the Health and Safety positions in an company and clarify the obligations associated with these types of roles. Work with your organogram to identify the prominent functions for your picked organisation. (Diagrams and flowcharts can be used here). Note: Process ONE somewhat covers Examination criteria 1 . 1, 1 . 2 and 1 . three or more for LO1

TASK TWO- Conduct a Risk Assessment and make a CARE PLAN for a service consumer of your choice.

This task requires you to accomplish a risk assessment to get a service user in a work environment, including the full risk examination as part of your submitter. Your risk assessment should certainly form the basis for designing a Care Arrange for the services user and you will be required to assess the risks and make tips about how to improve the Care Plan. A template is presented to you to finish.

Task TWO partially addresses Assessment criterion 2 . one particular for LO2

Note: Jobs ONE & TWO has to be submitted upon week 6th as separate files.

TASK THREE- A written piece of content

Task 3 requires you to fill in a drafted piece of work covering up all learning outcomes (LO1s, LO2s & LO3s). You have to ensure that all of the assessment requirements listed below are effectively answered in your assignment. This is due on the 16th December 2013

The submission of not more than 3000 words includes:

Outcomes and assessment requirements:


Analysis requirements

On successful completing this device a learner will:

To obtain each final result a spanish student must illustrate the ability to: LO1.

Understand how health and basic safety legislation is usually implemented in the health and cultural care place of work

1 . 1 Review devices, policies and procedures to get communicating information on health and cultural care workplace in accordance with legislative requirements. a.

1 . 2 Measure the responsibilities in a specific health insurance and social proper care work place intended for the management of into the safety pertaining to organizational composition. b.

1 . 3 Analyse health and safety priorities appropriate for a particular health and social care place of work LO2.

Understand the ways health and security

requirements impact on

customers plus the work of

practitioners inside the health and interpersonal care workplace

2 . you Analyse just how information from risk assessments informs attention planning for individuals and company decision making regarding policies and procedures. c.

installment payments on your 2 Analyse the impact of one aspect of health insurance and safety coverage on health and social attention practice and its customers.


2 . 3 Talk about how issues encountered pertaining to implementing systems and plans for overall health, safety and security might be addressed.

at the.

2 . 4 Evaluate the effects of noncompliance with into the safety...


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