ANNEX a few RULES OF ORIGIN TO GET THE ASEAN–CHINA FREE TRADE AREA In determining the origin of products qualified to receive the advantageous tariff donation pursuant towards the Framework Arrangement on Thorough Economic Co-operation between the Association of Southeast Asian International locations and the Someones Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as " the Agreement”), the following Guidelines shall be utilized: Rule 1: Definitions

With regards to this Annex: (a) " a Party” means the individual parties for the Agreement we. e. Brunei Darussalam, the dominion of Cambodia, the Republic of Dalam negri, the Lao People's Democratic Republic (" Lao PDR”), Malaysia, the Union of Myanmar, the Republic in the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore, the dominion of Thailand, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as the People's Republic of Cina (”China”). " materials” shall include substances, parts, components, subassembly and goods that have been physically designed into another good or were subject to a procedure in the production of great. " Originating goods" means products that qualify while originating in agreement with the procedures of Secret 2 . " production" means methods of obtaining goods including growing, exploration, harvesting, bringing up, breeding, taking out, gathering, collecting, capturing, sportfishing, trapping, hunting, manufacturing, generating, processing or assembling a great. " Merchandise Specific Rules” are guidelines that designate that the materials have undergone a change in tariff classification or a particular manufacturing or processing operation, or satisfy an advertising valorem requirements or a mix of any of these conditions. Origin Requirements


(c) (d)


Rule 2:

For the purposes of this Agreement, goods imported by a Party should be deemed being originating and eligible for advantageous concessions in the event they comply with the origin requirements under one of the following following: (a) Products that are wholly obtained or made as set out and defined in Rule 3; or perhaps



Products certainly not wholly produced or acquired provided that the said products are eligible beneath Rule some, Rule 5 or Secret 6. Totally Obtained Products

Rule a few:

Within the which means of Guideline 2 (a), the following will probably be considered as totally produced or obtained within a Party: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Plant1 and plant items harvested, selected or obtained there; Live animals2 raised there; Product3 obtained from live animals reported in passage (b) above; Products obtained from hunting, capturing, fishing, aquaculture, gathering or capturing carried out there; Minerals and other natural substances, not supplied in sentences (a) to (d), taken out or taken from its dirt, waters, seabed or below their seabed; Products extracted from the marine environments, seabed or perhaps beneath the seabed outside the comarcal waters of these Party, given that that Party gets the rights to exploit such seas, seabed and beneath the seabed in accordance with foreign law; Goods of marine fishing and other marine items taken from the high seas by ships registered with a Party or entitled to travel the banner of that Party; Products prepared and/or produced on board manufacturer ships authorized with a Party or qualified for fly the flag of these Party, solely from items referred to in paragraph (g) above; Content articles collected generally there which can no longer perform their original purpose nor can handle being refurbished or fixed and are in shape only for fingertips or restoration of parts of raw materials, or for taking purposes4; and





Plant below refers to all plant life, which includes fruit, plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs, seaweed, fungus and live plants a couple of Animals reported in paragraph (b) and (c) addresses all animal life, which includes mammals, birds, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, reptiles, bacteria and viruses. 3 Products label those obtained from live family pets without additional processing, including milk, eggs, natural sweetie, hair, constructed from wool, semen and dung. four This would cover all...


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