Narrative Design & Langauge in ‘The Great Gatsby'

The narrator

The role of Computer chip as the narrator can be fundamental to the narrative style of the story. Gatsby's character is usually ‘filtered' through Nick Carraway's narration. However , Nick himself, becomes a determine whom we should interpret. As Nick lets us know the story and piece together each of our interpretation of Gatsby, were also without doubt adjusting our sense of who the man is sharing with Gatsby's account. Nick is able to comment on, and pass judgement on the events around him with the involved immediacy of any first-person words.

Dialogue & the scenic method

Narrating the story by Nick's point of view could have ended in a boring voice. This can be avoided by having Nick recreate dramatic exchanges as dialogue; he recreates the voices of the personas he runs into. Rather than showing the story with regards to Nick's personal musings, Fitzgerald ensures that his narrator creates dramatic reconstructions in a number of linked views; this is called the scenic method. While the views are fairly self-contained, there exists elaborate cross-reference between the moments. Invariably, Chip lets the dialogue stand without brief review, leaving it to the visitors to weigh the significance of what is stated.

Cinematic methods

Fitzgerald was writing each time when movie theater was turning into popular which seems to have had an influence around the structure of his new. There are lots of ‘cuts' between views, which are systematic of a motion picture style. Descriptions often alternate between a type of ‘wide-angle' panoramic shot (Gatsby's parties) and close-up.


It is difficult, in this story, to view objects because objects genuine and simple. There are a variety of different things that assumes on a significance above and beyond the literal; the car, for example , represents more than a automobile for physical mobility. Fitzgerald often uses familiar associations of signs in an sarcastic way; along with green can be not used to...



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