Part 1A: You'll be responsible for examining the corresponding circumstance and submitting your individual work as an task and in your team dialogue forum by specified due date (see program schedule/ for details). Become reminded that you have two parts to Case 1: Portion 1A Concerns and Component 1B, which is the corresponding stand out spreadsheet while using financial analysis. A word of advice, look at the case thoroughly, including the displays and the footnotes. The information in the fine print is pertinent.

The trend Channel

1 . Exactly what the pros and cons in the three segmentation scenarios? Browse carefully the truth and make a list of the positives and negatives of each segmentation scenario. Utilize the following stand to summarize your findings.

| Circumstance 1: Broad-based Segmentation Concentrating on | Situation 2: Swelldom focus| Situation 3: Fashionistas + Planners/Shoppers| Pros| 2. Mixed centered audience. * Investment in major merchandising campaign, awareness and observing of the channel would maximize; deliver a score boost of 20% (from the current 1 ) 0 to at least one. 2 . )| * Objectives females age ranges 18-34. 2. Strengthen benefit of the market to promoters and enhance CPM and deliver a rating of 0. 80. * Projection of the $3. 60 CPM. | * Dual targeting would drive evaluations to 1. a couple of with a potential CPM of $2. 40. | Cons| * In the event this wide-ranging based viewers mix stayed the same, Advertisement Sales will be forecasted a 10% drop in CPM to $1. 80. 5. Risk of competition would carry on and penetrate the premium sectors and go TFC's pricing ability. | * Smaller than the other segments, representing 15% of households. 5. Possible drop in audiences. * Dedicate additional $15 million each year investment in new encoding to attract and retain part interest. | * Spend additional 20 dollars million about programming to assure selections targeted at both sections. |

2 . What Segmentation circumstance is likely to generate higher profits?

Based on TFC estimated financials...


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