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Services delivered

Funding and/or contract terms

Administration structure

Bidding process process

Prominent features of this initiative are


Effectiveness- The ability in the program to meet its initial objectives. An important element of this kind of assessment consists of clarity from the objectives and ability to measure success through identified and measurable effects.

Input Component

1 . Quantity of doctors within a healthcare unit | installment payments on your | Range of nurses within a healthcare product

several. | Number of technical services personnel (paramedical staff) | 4. | OPD several hours per week/lab hours weekly

5. | Number of bed frames in a healthcare unit (in-patient facility) | 6. | Total costs of material and equipment/Capital expenses | several. | Total cost of eatable items, including drugs, sanitary utilities etc . (Vari-able Cost) | eight. | Cost of specialized infrastructure/specialized equipment | 9. | Cost of bought services/General practitioner‘s fees | Output Elements

1 . | Number of Medical acces

installment payments on your | Quantity of Surgical vestibule

3. | Normal length of stay

5. | Guests rate

a few. | Educating variables – Number of residents/nursing staff receiving 1 year of training at a hospital | 6. | Average Circumstance Mix classes (Internal Medicine, General Medical procedures, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Intensive Treatment, and other) as indexes | six. | Secretions because of recovery (Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Intense Care) | 8. | Number of healthy and balanced deliveries

9. | Number of lab cases

Efficiency- Considering a program's cost-effectiveness in achieving its objectives. This compares economical consequences for the public sector against risk transfer obtained.

Risk Elements

1 . Federal government approval

2 . File corruption error

a few. Changes in legislation risk

4. Market regulation

5. Poor macroeconomic performance

6th. Financial clampdown, dominance

six. Lack of financing support

8.. Position unavailability

9. Design risk

10. Development risks

11. Skill Risk

12. Inefficient business due to too heavy

13. bureaucratic dealings

14. Unclear division of regulators

15. Unclear co-operation principles

16. Not motivated key staff

17. Avaliability and top quality of type 8, on the lookout for, 16

18. Quality and efficiency of maintenance and

nineteen. Maintenance and upgrade requirements

twenty. Operating and maintenance cost overrun

Equity-Evaluating whether rewards accrue to those with low income with sub-poverty level, and targeted sectors of society, and subsidize solutions to the wealthy.

Patient Perceptions of Top quality

Quality of care(Strengths and Weaknesses)

Success of treatment

Affordability of services

Supply of personal privacy

Staff's treatment of client

Cleanliness of center

Availability of medicines

Short waiting time

Actions on Illness

No action Self-care





Monetary sustainability- A program's economic viability, which include financial earnings and private sector interest in system delivery.

Analysis Parameters Inquiries to be Considered

A. Effectiveness

Level of success in meeting it is


__ Has the procuring authority plainly delineated the outcome it would prefer to achieve through the program as well as the standards

pertaining to service supply?

__ Do the needs in the sector meet the proposed outcomes?

__ Have final results improved? What is the level of improvement? Effectiveness in monitoring the delivery

with the program

__ Does the software describe support provisions in terms that are crystal clear, objective, and measurable?

__ Can services provision be assessed against an arranged standard? Carry out mechanisms enable regular evaluation?

__ Will the payment system provide bonuses that

inspire private providers to meet delivery standards?

__ Is the personal sector...


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