Theoretical context for your analysis

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Describe which in turn theory, which in turn research studies, which preparation classes, which offprints, this project will be based upon. Paivio's dual coding theory

Research studies: Mintzer & Snodgrass (1999); Sternberg et approach. (1995) Preparing session: 'Learning word-pairs within a controlled experiment', study week 1 Offprints: Sternberg, G., Radeborg, E. and Leif, R. L. (1995) 'The picture superiority effect in cross-modality recognition' Memory and cognition, vol. 23, pp. 425-41 This project is founded on the picture superiority effect and Paivio's dual coding theory. � Paivio's dual code theory highlights that we have other ways of saving information, possibly visually or/and verbally, the style superiority result shows that stimuli presented as pictures could be more easily remembered and were recalled in comparison to stimuli presented because just terms. � � �

Study hypothesis/Research issue

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Enter your Research Hypothesis or perhaps Research Issue as ideal Research Hypothesis

What is your research hyothesis that you just wish to evaluation?

The individuals will be able to remember more terms in State 3 (Words and Pictures) than the different two conditions. � Conditions 1 (words) and two (pictures) staying the least useful aid pertaining to memory call to mind and State 3 (words and pictures) being the most beneficial aid to get memory recall. � This will be a a single tailed hypothesis and you will have a significant big difference in the amount of words/pictures being were recalled in State 3, this problem having much more than the other two conditions. Condition one particular will be a set of 20 concrete phrases, Condition a couple of will be� 20 pictures of the tangible words (as per state 1) and Condition several will show 20 of the two pictures and words. This can be a one tailed hypothesis and there will be an improvement between the quantity of items remembered depending on that they are provided - in words, images or words and phrases & photos. It is anticipated that the recollect will be larger in the second option two circumstances.

Research Query

What is the study question that you wish to explore?

Memory Quantitative

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Design       � Between Members

Variables   � Independant variable sama dengan The Words/Pictures used in every single condition How stimulus is definitely presented -- as words, pictures or perhaps words pictures                   � Dependant variable= (Amount) number of words and phrases recalled The independent variable is the stimuli that is being presented (condition 1, a couple of and 3),  the dependent variable may be the performance inside the memory recall testing; just how many words each participator recalls intended for the condition. The stimuli will be presented by utilizing Power Stage Slides, as well as the performance will probably be measured by using a simple remember testing the place that the participant could have the instruction to recollect as many words/pictures as they can easily.

(what they may be and how defined/measured)


The controls will probably be that the same instructions will probably be given to every participant, the participants that take part in condition 1 may have the same guidelines as the participants participating in conditions a couple of and a few. � Every participant will discover a Electricity Point presentation with (20) 30 words and phrases and/or images. The words that the participants will be expected to remember will be the same in all 3 conditions. �


There will be approximately 45 participants, 15 for each condition. � The participants will be both guy and female. � All members will be adults, all over a age of 18. � All the participants will take part under your own accord. �


The individuals will be look at the instructions pertaining to the experiment; these explain that they will end up being asked to try and remember several items because they can; they will be shown a Power Point presentation with words and pictures to each slide, an overall total of (20) 30 slides for each state.  Each item will remain about screen for 2 mere seconds; once almost all 30 items have been demonstrated - particpants...


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