Factors of WW1

The First World War, was a warfare centred in Europe that began about 28 September, 1914 and lasted until and concluded on 11 November, 1918. One of the main event inside the human history which was fought mostly by soldiers in ditches but later on introduced the appliance gun, poison gas, containers and other weaponry into battle which as well helped individuals to advance the technology to get destruction of each and every other. Human curiosity and creatives tips that helped us to become more civil like industrialization, which came up with the major factors of Community War 1, nationalism, imperialism and militarism. Nationalism a pride, electrical power, loyal perception and sense toward theirs birthplace, their nation. That made everybody believed that their nation to be best and well worth fighting pertaining to. " Patriotism is, fundamentally, a certainty that a particular country is a good in the world since you had been born in it.... ” (Shaw). All those supports and determination by people produced them to provide their govt more power and control over them. It also changed people to hate other whom are not one of them rather than staying proud of who they are. " Patriotism is when ever love of your personal people should be your first priority; nationalism, when ever hate for people other than the own comes first”(Gaulle). Everything took is hate between nations which will created countries to go in to alliances system and often these types of alliances got quite tangled and might eventually be observed as probably the one of the main causes for the war. "... that kind of patriotism which consists in hating all the other nations... ” (Gaskell). Imperialism when a region increases all their power and wealth by simply bringing added territories underneath their control in which the euro were good at. " We came, I could see, I overcome. ” (Caesar). Imperialism and nationalism that they both shuttle to help the WW1. Like european believed that their very own race was superior started colonizing and imperialising the african continent, latin america and regions of Asia. " When the white...

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