A Brief summary of Ecofeminism According to:

Engendering a Calm Planet:

Ecology, Economy, and Ecofeminism in Contemporary Context

by Ynestra King

Penelope Howes

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In respect to King, ecofeminism links peace and ecology that strives for " communities free of physical violence, with nature-friendly technologies and sustainable financial systems that are sincere of place and culture” (p. 15). The author immediately links militarism and its results on the environment surrounding that, including: " its creation of guns and squander in the ecological devastation of war” (p. 16). We have a movement in the ecofeminst dominion to bring presence to these problems along with assessing the long-term results that warfare has on persons and nature. King refers to this movements as the " ecofeminst theoretical project”, which is divided into four diverse focuses that most interrelate to each other to gain a comprehensive view of what ecofeminism seeks to discover and make sense of. The very first is, a " critique of modernity along with capitalism and of the relationship involving the two” (p. 17). Through this element, there is a strong resistance to " sameness”, being the poisoning component to the evolution of mankind and the environment. The second target is, to " analyze and give new meaning to ‘reason' and ‘science' to feature ways of understanding other than those of modern Traditional western science” (p. 18). This calls attention to the ways where a " decentralized science” might benefit each of our understanding of the earth around us and shine the light for the important and ever present impacts that militarism is wearing our " peaceful planet”. The third can be, the " argument intended for why females worldwide are (often) the original source of the knowledge on which the future depends and are also therefore themes of this innovation because of the socially assigned work…” (p. 18). This " source of knowledge” is labeled by the writer as the " technology of the people”, because it is actually the individual morals, experiences, and customs of ladies that create this kind of...

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