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I have to say once more thanks to my own parish, St Andrew the Apostle and everybody who make my journey to universe youth day experience likely. I consider the experience to be a blessing and i also am thankful for that experience. There are numerous activity and event that stood out for me at my Rio encounter 2013. Initial I would state during the missionary week which will run by 18th to 21st September we remained in Sao Paulo, had been we was loved and cared for by members of this church plus the extended host family who have feed all of us continuously. There was many conditions that we encounter in brazil particularly when we arrived in Rio De Janeiro with transport program, be it tour bus, water cab or even throughout the subway train station, but over a whole I can say that all this paid off and I enjoyed every single second in brazil. In addition to the fun activity and getting to find out Pope Francis, I was deeply moved by simply his conversation during the vigil night and there were different points that stand out significantly, according to pope Francis now you need to pass on this experience to others, Jesus can be calling ous to be a student with a objective. Today inside the light of the word of god that we get heard, precisely what is the lord saying to us. You afraid to serve. I will say again the spark in me is burning bright and I don't plan to hide that. I also learn that unless you perish to yourself you cont rise, we must mention and maintain Jesus in our life and we much also produce Jesus in our life and we should also make the scripture come alive by looking into making reference to the phrase for example " god is good all the time goodness is good". We need to expand, he is very good because he awaken me up this morning, as they gave me breakfast and also help me to experience your life to the fullest. Jesus My spouse and i so take pleasure in you I actually give you my personal heart and mind, precisely what is the best present you can give Jesus? We must ask the almighty to detox our hearts to taking he's will certainly in our life. Once we speak about exactly what a mighty our god we provide we must practice what we...


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