The initial important component of organizational habit identified in the case situation is a communication between the guest and Johan. In Johan understanding, the way the guest calling for Johan or various other staff was rude, but maybe for the guest, it absolutely was nothing in fact it is the way just how she referred to as every other personnel at different hotel as well. Hospitality sector is mainly about service. Consequently , no matter how impolite the guest is, we as the service provider have to bear with it but still give a fantastic service. The 2nd element is usually that the Standard of Procedure (SOP) was not evidently mention and effectively sent to the staff. The SOP must be briefed and reminded for the staffs in each and every day concile. The management could also set up monthly or perhaps quarterly workout mainly regarding the SOP to renew staff's memory about the SOP. The 3rd element is usually team job. Team job is very important in the hospitality sector as everybody should work together to ensure guest's will receive an excellent service and satisfied with the service provided. In order to have a functional restaurant or perhaps hotel we need to have a team job, helping the other person when the hotel or restaurant is very active, high guests or joker. Backing up the other person would actually help the smooth flow of service and stop guest complains. In this case situation, the problem was that, the staff simply looking out for themselves when the resort or cafe get active or in high occupancy. They begin to do their own work and not even know there was an extra who is recently been calling these people. In addition to the busy and busy working environment, the way she referred to as them is incredibly annoying and rude. Consequently , it irritates and motivated Johan's anger. The fourth aspect is the administration and operation. When the cafe gets busier and there is not enough human labor, the managing should inquire 2 or 3 staffs to stay backside for overtime, however,...


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