BUSN 1000 – Foundation of Organization

Auburn College or university at Montgomery

Fall 2013

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trainer: Mahmoud Darrat

Email-based: [email protected] edu

Office: Clement Hall 319 E

Office Hours:    TR 2-6 pm

Cellphone: 244-3215


Course Objective:

Cornerstone is usually an introduction towards the functional regions of business, including business mathematics. It includes a report of the business environment which includes economics and banking, ethics in business, the global economy, types of business title, management techniques, technology problems, production and operations, promoting tools, and financial management practices found within the common organization. This course is available to all AUM students regardless of major.

Training course Methods:

Cornerstone of Business can be described as participatory study course utilizing online team tasks, videos, discussion posts, projects, readings, oral presentations and guest speakers. Above the semester there will be multiple quizzes, a comprehensive final exam, and research and writing assignments. Students are responsible for reading course supplies prior to course in order to be involved in the discussion and be prepared to take those quiz examination when provided.

Learning Objectives: After completion of this program, the powerful student ought to: 1 . Include a basic comprehension of the business environment.

2 . Have the ability to compute simple business math.

3. Realize how to both exploration and present findings over a business market as exhibited through crafted and dental presentations over a team task. 4. Have got a basic understanding of the business job opportunities accessible to business majors.

University of Business Learning Desired goals:

The Auburn University at Montgomery School of Organization has established scholar learning goals for important general, management-specific, and appropriate discipline-specific knowledge and expertise that its students is going to achieve in the undergraduate B. S. W. A. software. Our graduates will:

1 ) Be effective communicators,

2 . Include quantitative expertise for decision making,

3. Work effectively in teams,

5. Be ethically aware,

a few. Be crucial thinkers,

6. Understand the global context of business, and

7. Always be competent in core knowledge areas.

In this course, pupils will be exposed to several of these learning goals and will be assessed specifically about both successful communication and quantitative expertise for making decisions.

Essential Texts:

Better Organization and Important factors to Business Success textbook package intended for Auburn College or university at Montgomery (ISBN 1269430157). This text message binder is going to consist of:

Better Business, 3rd edition, simply by Michael R. Solomon, Martha Anne Poatsy, and Kendall Martin (2014). Attendance:

Attendance, active school participation and involvement are very important parts of the training experience. Presence is particularly crucial because there will probably be many crew exercises during the semester. Attendance will be considered at each class meeting. In the event you will be absent from school due to contribution in athletics or various other college extracurricular activities, you should alert the instructor of this situation and provide the essential paperwork associated with the university activity.

Category Visitors:

During the training course, we could have guest loudspeakers. These audio system are authorities and will be remedied with the value they have earned. Please, turn off all electronics and drop them off in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Before their presentation, the trainer will bring in the audio and business lead the applause. We are incredibly fortunate to have excellent audio system from various disciplines from both campus and the organization community.

During their presentations, please observe the following protocols. Pay attention to the...


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