The Home and the community is a publication that discusses issues including the Bengal canton movement, a defieicency of nationalism and ideas about what a country is definitely etc . A significant theme is book is definitely the relationship of the home and the world which is exterior. All three heroes play a major role in influencing this theme in various ways. Nikhil enjoys the modern way of living while Bimala is pretty the opposite, following true Indio tradition, by no means goes out of the house.

" Once I had developed asked Bimala to come out in the world. Bimala was in my personal home, the girl was a pure doll, limited to a small space, caught up inside the trivial obligations. ” These kinds of lines extracted from the beginning of the book reveals what kind of any person Bimala was and just how Nikhil found the person having been married to. Bimala is a proper residence wife where she seems to be confined to the standard female part, and has no thoughts of entering real life, even with marketing from her husband. " Can there be virtually any real delight for a girl in only feeling that she has electric power over a guy? To surrender one's pleasure in devotion is woman's only salvation" These lines show us how she willingly devotes their self to her husband and trusting that not any job is far more wonderful in the world. Although she may be happy doing it, she is in face very poor and incapable where she believes that serving her home can be her only job.

However the introduction of Sandip, who is a supposed presidential candidate, comes into her life since Nikhil's good friend speaks of nationalism with such fireplace, she starts to see things as a enemy to her lifestyle. Now, Bimala quickly embraces the idea of making a difference besides making a changeover from the home into the world, as suggested by novels subject and starts taking an energetic part inside the independence motion as Sandips partner or ally. In this way, she relatively gains a whole lot of electricity and, in the process, gets drawn to Sandip. Although it seems as though Sandip worships her and claims that she is the " california king...


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