" What makes it that, like a culture, we could more comfortable discovering two guys holding weapons than holding hands" В -Berde


The story evolved in the existence of Edwin, a young gay who's beenВ engagedВ in a romantic marriage with an additional guy named Butch. The storyline narrates in theВ immeasurable appreciate of a mother who has recently been all through away Edwin's lifestyle very supportive. On the contrary, the play as well presents the undying hate and stress of a father towards his homosexual boy. The story heightened when Edwin's father - a dispatched military proceeded to go home andВ incidentallyВ caught Generic and Edwin on the latter's bedroom the kiss each other. A smash lower showing a confrontation of your father to his son and to his wife. The father has been placing blame on his wife intended for how his son has acted at the moment. In return, his wife blame him to be away from home yet appealed to take his child and appreciate him. This kind of led them to consult a " Psychiatrist" to seek to be treated of their boy. В After, Edwin's dad died of heart attack after a confrontation with him. Edwin seems to be horrible of his father's death and only pondering В of his own pleasure. He has become on a regular battle of his like to Butch, considering on how is usually he going to be with him. It came to the point once Edwin threw in the towel his mumВ just to be with Butch leading to a nervous breakdown of his mother. В В The story finished on a re-union of Edwin's mother great oneВ romanticВ true appreciate - Butch.

This stage play was directed by simply Mr. Loyd Wilson Sato, a dominant writer and stage representative in Cebu. The story was written in Filipino.


My Sights and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the story, the producers or its Serves. В

In our constant challenge for privileges, love and acceptance, it can be indeed good to see shows like this which in turn helps present the meaning to everyone that lgbt does are present and with thisВ existence comes a longing for everyone's acceptance and value. As Emphasis Production (Berde...


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