The Objectives..

❖ To be a Top notch Provider of BATIK Outfit Industry

Our Mission..

❖ Our eyesight is to focus on offering variety of quality batik products to the customers, and introduce Malaysian Batik to those all over the world. You want to penatered US marketplace and present variety merchandise that can generate with Batik. It is the chance for batik organization to improve it profitability and competition.

The Possibilities..

❖ Rising demand for handicraft products in produced countries just like USA, Canada, Britain, Italy, Germany, Italia etc . ❖ Developing vogue industry needs handicrafts products. ❖ Development of sectors like Retail, Real Estate that offers wonderful requirements of handicrafts items. ❖ Advancement domestic and international tourism sector. ❖ Ability to develop high quality product with great design ❖ e-Commerce and Internet are emerged since promissory circulation channels to sell and sell the craft products.


The Malaysian government features supported the craftspeople substantially since mid 1970s with the establishment of Kraftangan, a government organization under the protections of the ministry of traditions that is designed to promote Malaysian handi crafts and lifestyle. This outstanding program is a role model for the arts and textile industries of other countries. The common target is simply to create Malaysia a Batik capital.

According to Matrade, fabrics are positioned 9th and accounting for installment payments on your 3 % share of Malaysia's exports of total manufactured merchandise. In 2011, export products of materials and apparel & clothings totaled RM10. 81 billion dollars from RM9. 32 billion dollars for the same period last year, a growth of 12-15. 9 %. Of this, exports of textiles was respected at RM6. 72 billion and made up 62. 2 per cent share, while apparels and garments accounted for thirty seven. 8 % share, valued at RM4. 08 billion. Higher exports were because of increasing exports of yarns and clothing.

The USA, Asia, Turkey, Dalam negri and China were Malaysia's top 5 foreign trade destinations pertaining to Malaysia's textiles and apparel & clothing. USA remained the leading export market causing 18. 6 per cent discuss of the total exports from the industry. Export was highly valued at RM2. 01 billion dollars, an increase of 13. 6th per cent.

1 . 1 The initial Batik Malaysia

Developing batik as hand made textile – hand printed and hands drawn, has turned us all aware of the importance of three vital elements in producing a cool product. They are, namely, Design, Colour and Strategy. We need to look closely at all of the three above factors giving emphasis to Design which usually requires the most and urgent attention.

Subsequently, Malaysians take pleasure in bright colours and batik in bright colours has become a manifestation of this expression. However , we need to think about the market plus the consumers we are targeting. Therefore , we need to analyze how they see colours and the receptivity to our selection of colours.

And thirdly, the need to take an aggressive procedure in R& D and engage in experimenting new technologies that can expedite and enhance batik production method as well as to fix problems linked to attaining quality production. Listening to advice from the experiences of other countries such as Japan and Korea, and adapting their practices to meet each of our needs could indeed be considered a real advantage. Another element of R& M, relates to acquiring knowledge about you will of fabrics to be able to appraise their particular appropriateness for making batik.

Why is Batik Malaysia exclusive is that we have been able to develop it through innovation simply by observing and learning from the tradition of batik–making of other countries, and efficiently creating our indigenous batik–style.

1 . a couple of Trends in Fashion

The world of fashion has created an immense consciousness with the designers and batik – creators who understand the...



From all of the discussion the Batik product is suitable to expand the market to U. S. Personal factor show that Batik Malaysia can be not consist of on the export control guideline and control which condition on U. S. it because the batik Malaysia's raw material will be based upon


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