rules of grammar, 1st person is " I", subsequent is " you" and 3rd is " this individual or she".

If you are referring to the " stage of view" (POV) within a book, really similar.

A book created in lst person can be written coming from a narrator's point of view, applying such key phrases as " I was sitting in a living room... " and the rest of the book would only be from that person's view stage.

subsequent person is very seldom employed. It would be something such as " You are being placed in a room... ". Very awkward to use.

There are plenty of variations in 3rd person, but the most popular would be something similar to: " He was sitting in a living room... " or " The man was being placed in a room... ". It's as though the narrator of the book is standing up to the side and may see and hear everything that is going on.

Some books are written in variations for the above, which include combinations of eash, such as 1st person from the point of view of different characters in the book, and third person as seen by of different heroes. First person means the speaker/narrator, second person means the listener/reader, and third person means everyone and everything else.

As far as you are concerned, you are the first person.

As far as I am concerned, you are the second person if I'm conversing with you, third person normally.

very first person is the speaker... like you are discussing using the phrase like " i"

subsequent person is that you simply talking to another individual... using the words for an example like " you"

3 rd is you talking about someone else... making use of the words like " she/he" Writing in 1st, next and 3 rd Person

Follow this advice to help you identify when it is appropriate to use initial person (I/we), 2nd person (you), or perhaps 3rd person (he/she/it/they) inside your writing. Producing from a certain point of view shifts the reader's perception of what you publish. � It could be confusing for the reader should you shift the actual of view in your composing (meaning beginning in the 3rd person,...


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