п»їAnything that distracts kids is contrary to an excellent learning, how could there a belief that most technology can be desirable? Even though technology is available, does not mean we should give authorization for students to possess a cellphone in the classroom. The cell phone is simply tool of convenience for us to utilize in our lives. Educational institutions should have strict rules to stop students by using cell phones in their classroom for many reasons. The main reason of preventing employ cell phone in classroom is that students will not likely pay attention to the teacher when she/he is explaining the lesson which will impact their academics achievement at school. If college students have cellphone, they will play childish games on cellular phones since they are addicted to the games and they will not pay attention to their lesson. Other folks will go to the internet and watch a lot of movies during the lessons because they have these types of small devices in their pocket sized. Moreover, cellular phones can be used in cheating. Txt messaging is the new note transferring. Explain this kind of more... Learners can exchange text messages regarding the correct answers without the teacher's knowing. Preventing use cell phone in the classroom is vital because it will not only affect the students who own cell phone, however it affects their very own friends. It will eventually distract the good students whom are listening to the teacher when all their friends communicate with them through text messages. Different students are always distracted once phones diamond ring or vibrate, and the learning process will probably be totally disrupted when the pupils start to mail and go through messages or make and receive telephone calls during the time of the lesson. Each one of these behaviors is going to bother the teacher and waste his/her time in advising them to stop working on the cell phone

However, some people experience this is the proper way to keep college students in contact with all their parents regardless of emergency because mother and father are always concerned about their children whenever they go to school and be able to speak to them...


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