In the novel Alias-name Grace, Margaret Atwood uses language and technique to connect a critical real truth

about how exactly the people who are along with the power pecking order, tend to abuse and take advantage of their power to

only benefit themselves; as men take advantage more than women and the dominant make use over the lower

course. These issues are clearly noticeable throughout the tale and are also extremely conspicuous actually.

Margaret Atwood depicts concerning how in society you will discover power issues between males and females as men tend to have good luck than all their counterparts and tend to usually abuse and take advantage of all their powers to solely advantage themselves. With this scene, Sophistication is in the governor's wife's parlor. She has been taken in as a maid due to her skill and effectiveness with household chores. Since she is waiting for a doctor, your woman begins to speculate why women were not meant to sit on a chair that had merely been vacated by a gentleman. She after that remembers how Mary Whitney said, that whenever a man leaves his seats, it is improper for a girl to go and sit in the same couch since it'd still be warm from the man's bottom. The lady then compares how ladies are like swans and jellyfish; as if we were holding to be omitted in the sun, they'd dry out. As a result leading her to notion how girls are mostly just like water. " Ms. Alderman Parkinson stated a lady must never stay in a seat a lady has just left the space, though she'd not state why; yet Mary Whitney said, Mainly because, you foolish goose, is actually still nice from his bum; which was a program thing to say. (…) They are like swans, drifting along about unseen toes; or else such as the jellyfish inside the waters from the rocky harbour near home, when I was little, ahead of I available the lengthy sad voyage across the water. They were bell-shaped and beautiful, gracefully waving and lovely within the sea; when they rinsed up on outdoors and dry out in the sun there was clearly nothing left of them....


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