Around the night of October 25, 1994 Susan Cruz took the lives of her two sons. Leslie Smith dedicated the most unthinkable act when she broke humanity's many sacred trust, the love of any mother on her behalf children (Crime Library).

In November 18, 1994, a hearing happened before Outlet Judge Steve Hayes on the request of Solicitor Jones Pope. Pope requested that Susan undergo a internal examination by simply an unbiased physician to ascertain whether your woman was criminally responsible for the crime the girl had confessed to of course, if she was competent to stand trial (Crime Library). On September 11, 1995, after a two-day hearing, Evaluate Howard dominated that Leslie was mentally competent to stand trial. The trial was timetabled on Tuesday, July 18, 1995, the day the trial was started begin, the Union State Courthouse received a blast threat that required the evacuation of everybody inside. The man who telephoned the threat was quickly found and arrested. Opening statements began on Thursday, July 19, 1995 and the closing claims were given upon Saturday, July 22, 1995 (crime Library).

Susan Smith had been found guilty of eliminating her two children but what genuinely happened in the evening. On the night of October 25, 1994 the girl came to the Shore of John M. Long Pond, Susan went across a percentage of the seventy-five-foot boat ramp and left her 1990 burgundy Mazda ProtГ©gГ© in the midst of the ramp. At first Mrs. Smith planned to commit suicide. She altered the Mazda into natural and believed the car little by little begin to spin down the remaining length of the motorboat ramp. The car only moved a few yards before Susan stepped around the brake. The girl opened her door and stepped out from the car. Her attempt at committing suicide was not accomplished but that little incident didn't consider her big scheme (Crime Library).

Leslie Smith introduced the emergency brake and softly shut down the driver's side door. The car drifted into Ruben D. Lengthy Lake and entered the water slowly and did not immerse immediately. It took almost 6 minutes...


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