Upon September 14, 2001 each of our country was struck by a series of damaging, and remember able terrorist attacks. Many bear in mind seeing disastrous images and video, of some of our beloved country's most precious landmarks being destroyed and crashed into by hijacked commercial airlines. Osama Bin Laden and 's Qaeda took away lives, protection, and pleasure from our nation that day, and things have never been the same since. This brings up a very controversial issue which was addressed with a college student known as Dylan Avery and a few of his good friends who developed movie known as " loose change” which addressed various 9/11 conspiracies. Three from the main conspiracies addressed are, the US Bomber command was purchased to " stand down” on 9/11, or allow these attacks to happen, the effect of the flatlands could not had been enough to knock down both 128 story systems so explosives must have been detonated in the buildings at the same time of the impacts, and finally the use of " squibs” or controlled explosives, indicating that the destruction caused by the planes had not been all that induced the systems to collapse. There are no 9/11 conspiracies that can't and haven't already been debunked. A few believe that these kinds of attacks had been thought out, and planned by our government in accordance with Osama Bin Stuffed and his selection of terrorists understand as Approach Qaeda. However there are the " debunkers, ” those who have disproved 9/11 conspiracies by simply reenacting, and researching the happenings of this day.

The first 9/11 conspiracy theory to be destroyed is the claim that on Sept 11, 2001 the US Bomber command was named off and told to " stand down. ” In other words 9/11 conspiracy believers claim that our government advised all Naval pilot pilots to be on the ground that day. Further more research implies that on that day there was only 14 fighter aircraft on warn in the forty-eight contiguous states. So where had been the people and planes that were supposed to prevent things like this from taking place? No laptop...


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