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    Vice Principal Message

Prayerful greetings to all of you. At the very onset I would like to thank each and every one of you for  your concern and love towards the college. We really feel encouraged by it.

The S.M.S.G. Jain degree college with its strong base of administration, infrastructure and qualified faculty, has completed years of commendable service towards enhancing quality of education.

As you all may be well aware that running colleges now days is a herculean task and as the days are passing, it is turning still difficult and the future looks still bleak. In a situation like this we are trying our utmost to do the best for your ward with regard to his mental, physical and spiritual growth.

In spite of all the odds we face we try to discipline each of them by pruning them with timely corrections and guidance we even try to educate them on the aspect of punishment not to be taken as something that breaks you but rather something that makes you.

In all this, dear parents, both of us play an important role- if we are called for a giant effort you must fulfill the remaining gap. It is not only schools that are responsible for the future of each student -rather parents and elders too have a leading role. We have to give our children, our youth time -money is not all. Expensive gifts will not substitute for quality time. The faster we realize this truth the sooner we will heal the society of its ills perpetrated mostly by the youngsters.

Hoping to move together for the better of our students, I once again thank each of you for all the necessary help and support you render to this institution.

Mr. N.K. Ranganatha

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