1. To create an atmosphere where students can blossom into responsible individuals with human values.
  2. To curb indiscipline and uphold truth.
  3. Three fold development - spiritual, Intellectual and physical.
  4. Value based education enabling the students to compete with the enormous speed of globalization.


  1. In our institutions viz. One play home, two nursery Schools, Two Primary Schools, Two High Schools for Girls and Boys and Five Colleges.
  2. In that all the educational institutions managed by the Sangh have their own buildings.
  3. In that wherein the students can study from play home, nursery to Degree and Post Graduation level at One Institution run by the same management.
  4. In that all the institutions have separate well – stocked library.
  5. In that, we have a central library with 22 thousands volumes on various subjects.
  6. In that we admit average students and train them to develop their inherent skills and bring them on par with the Meriorioust Students.
  7. In that individual attention is given to students to develop their educational capabilities.
  8. In that the defense personnel find it very convenient to send their wards to our institutions which are acclaimed as centres of discipline.
  9. In that our educational institutions have contributed dedicated workers eminent scholars, national leaders and orators of repute.
  10. In that some of our students have become eminent educationists’ vice chancellors, business men, National leaders, army officers and executives in private and public enterprises.
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